Sanbib's corner

Above: A photo of Sanbib. The grainy, low-resolution nature of the photo is proportionate to his foolishness.

Sanbib is a complete and utter idiot who thinks video games are the same as real life. He genuinely believes he has travelled all around eastern Australia, including a road trip from the 12 Apostles to Surfers Paradise which only took 5 minutes.

This page is dedicated to memorialising his foolishness as an example to the rest of society of how not to behave.

02/08/18: Congratulations to Sanbib on his PhD!

Screen Shot 2018-08-02 at 9.32.10 pm.png

I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate Sanbib on his PhD. As evident above, clearly he has put in many months of hard work into this thesis.

11/07/18: The Metacritic dementors are circling

The Metacritic score, being an amalgamation of opinions from many expert reviewers, is of course the be all and end all of how good a game is. Because, being experts, they are always infallible. And so, buying a game with a low Metacritic score is even worse than the Dementor's Kiss. Not only will it take your soul away, it will also take away your finances. 

Of course, in Sanbib-land, this applies to everyone but Sanbib, (whose eyesight is so poor he has difficulty distinguishing virtual reality from reality) where a game is much like a culinary tour of a country.

But relax Sanbib, as we are all hoping in vain that the Dementor's Kiss is not the only kiss you receive in your lifetime.

3/07/18: Multiculturalism maketh the game

Because apparently sitting at home on a couch all day playing a game developed in France or in Japan is an excellent way to experience French and Japanese culture. Foolish thought #2. 


There are few things that one can rely on Sanbib for. One of them is that he will never go to the gym. Another is that he will always buy a used car. Perhaps the latter is an indication that he is less of a fool than previously thought? Hmmm, probably not.